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"Bring Eyvin Home"

Eyvin Hernandez, a LA County Public Defender, has been wrongfully detained in Venezuela for almost a year. It is long past time for him to be home with his family and friends. Assemblymember Bryan introduced HR 11, and spoke on this subject during session.

Introducing ACA 4

Assemblymember Bryan introducing ACA 4 on the Assembly Floor.

Adjournment in Memory for Jackie Hawthorne

Assemblymember Bryan adjourned session in memory of Jackie Hawthorne. Jacquelynn Yvonne Hawthorne served the Los Angeles community for nearly 60 years. Last year we honored Jackie as the Assembly District's 2022 Women of the Year. Jackie passed away last week on January 16, 2023. Her dedication to civic duty was only matched by the true love with which she served her community. She leaves behind a wealth of loving friends and family and a lasting legacy of service. Jackie is survived by her children Addison, Valerie, and Hilary.