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Assemblymember Isaac G. Bryan Appointed by Speaker Rendon as the Chair of the Committee on Elections

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Monday, 27 December 2021

Sacramento – On Monday, Assemblymember Isaac G. Bryan (D-Los Angeles) was appointed by Speaker Anthony Rendon as the Chair of the Committee on Elections.

Asm. Bryan was appointed to the seat previously held by Assemblymember Marc Berman, who led the Committee to pass the important reform that made vote-by-mail permanent. This year brings immense challenges for the Elections Committee, and Asm. Bryan is eager to lead the committee as it continues to push California to the forefront of the battles to ensure voting rights, to expand the franchise, and to ensure our politics are centered on people – and particularly people who have been barred from participating or have experienced unjust barriers to participation. It is vital to ensure that each of our democratic systems reflects the voters’ intent and interests, including the recall process.

“We need to make voting easier, and we need more people voting. Californians are the most engaged, committed, informed and thoughtful people in the nation, and the more of us who are participating in our democratic process – by voting, by helping others get registered, by driving friends and neighbors to drop off their ballot – the better, more just and more effective our democracy is. We need to find ways to ensure that each and every person who wants to participate can do so, and that their voices – the voices of the people of California – are those that make a difference in elections,” said Assemblymember Bryan. “I’m proud of my participation in our democracy. I’ve voted. I’ve helped others register. I’ve led a ballot committee. I’ve stood for office. And I know the challenges our communities still face around ballot access, trust, and participation. We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us, and I’m deeply grateful for the chance to make a real difference for voters in Culver City, Los Angeles, and across California as next Chair of the Committee on Elections. I’m honored to have the confidence of the Speaker as – along with our colleagues – we ensure the rights of Californians to have their voices heard and to have their votes count.”

“Asm. Bryan is deeply committed to protecting and promoting Californians’ right to vote and to participate in our democracy,” said Speaker Rendon. “His experience as a community organizer and his thoughtful and rigorous approach to policy is exactly the kind of leadership the Elections Committee needs in this moment. I have full confidence under his chairmanship we can expect progress to move forward.”

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